an original romantic comedy serieswritten / directed by Matus Krajnak

An original romantic comedy web series about the dating experience
of a queer Eastern European vlogger in London.

Run time: 5 x 4 minutes

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The witty and sarcastic vlogger Milan is a queer Millennial who lives an inclusive life in London and is always open to share his thoughts and experiences with his dedicated followers. However, his sentiments aren't always reciprocated by those who share his bed.

The original series consists of 5 standalone episodes that can be watched in any order.

The micro-series brings together 5 self-contained episodes
about sexuality, intimacy and the relationships
that shape the queerness around us.

Episode Milan & Peggie

Milan hooks up with Peggie but she seems to be more interested in his underwear.

Episode Milan & John

After a drunk sleepover with John, Milan soon realises, the accountant's true passions are writing and booze.

Episode Milan & Carla

Milan and Carla are having a good time until she finds out he wears a toupee.

Episode Milan & Vittorio

Milan struggles to face Vittorio's orgasm-face.

Episode Milan & Boris

Milan argues with his marketing consultant, Boris, over sexuality.

SEXFLUENCING is an independent original series

Written, Directed and Producer by Matus Krajnak

Cast: Matus Krajnak (Milan), Dorothea Jones (Peggie), Gianluca Beninati (Vittorio), Letizia Mateo (Carla), Maxim Reston (John), Champ Imi (Boris)

Director of photography: João Faria, Andrei Pacuraru

Sound recordist: Bradley Bernard, James Wakenell

Sound designer: Tom Brewins

Production designer: Viktoria Chasiokova

Props: Mia Kordova

Colorist: Andrea Sabatelli

Story editing consultant: Maggie Drahovska

Editor: Matus Krajnak

Promo copy: William Rabbit

Language consultant: Anastasia Eleftheriou

Trailer editor: Marina Kosa

Production coordinator: Joanna Suchomska

Special thanks: Zuzana Novak, Sade Boyce, Aliyah Lassey, Maria Kadlecova, John Nolan and James Telford (The Glory), Lukas Hanulak, David Hughes